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First Violin

Joseph Edelberg, Concertmaster, David Charles Johnston Chair

Joseph Edelberg, First Violin , Concertmaster, David Charles Johnston Chair

Birth Place: Granby, CT

Grew Up: Northampton, MA

Started Playing: Age 7

Education: Amherst College

Began With SRS: Autumn of 1997

Non-SRS Groups: Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, San Francisco Opera Orchestra, StringCircle, San Francisco Symphony

In My iPod: Henry Purcell, Complete ayers for the Theater,Mozart Piano Quartets, Benjamin Britten violin concerto, JSBach Fantasia and Fugue in c minor, Schumann Piano Quintet

Hobbies: Cooking, hiking, travel, bicycling

Jay Zhong, Associate Concertmaster

Jay Zhong, First Violin , Associate Concertmaster

Birth Place: I was born in Beijing, China

Grew Up: I came to the U.S. at age 13 and grew up in New York City.

Started Playing: I started violin and piano at age 4, and quickly went on with violin only.

Education: MFA, SUNY Purchase (studied with Elmar Oliveira), BM, Manhattan School of Music (studied with Raphael Bronstein

Began With SRS: 2011

Non-SRS Groups: I am also contracted by Monterey Symphony and Fresno Philharmonic, and occasionally other ensembles.

Favorite Music: Music of Bach, Bartok, Beethoven, Brahms, Debussy, Gershwin, Kreisler, Mozart, Paganini, Prokofiev, Ravel, Schubert, Shostakovich, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky, Wieniawski, Vieuxtemps, Ysaye, and all the violin and piano showpieces and salon-bon-bons…

In My iPod: I don’t use iPod, but among my car’s cd collection currently is Nathan Milstein playing Bach Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin

Hobbies: Water-coloring, composition, art, history, philosophy

Teaching Info: I work only with selected private students.


Heather Powell, Assistant Concertmaster

Heather Powell, First Violin , Assistant Concertmaster

Birth Place: San Francisco

Grew Up: Marin County, Boston, New Hampshire

Started Playing: Age 4, violin

Education: Harvard University. New England Conservatory

Began With SRS: 2013

Favorite Music: I really don't even know how to begin to answer this question. Some of my favorite composers are Prokofiev, Bach, Schubert and Beethoven. Ella Fitzgerald makes me happy.

Kathryn Marshall

Kathryn Marshall, First Violin

Marcia Lotter

Marcia Lotter , First Violin

Birth Place: Portland, Oregon

Grew Up: Portland, Oregon

Started Playing: Age of 8 on violin

Education: BA from U of Washington (Seattle), MA from Sacramento State in school psychology.

Began With SRS: 1978

Non-SRS Groups: Sonatina (flute quartet for weddings & events), Mendocino Music Festival, Symphony of the Redwoods.

Favorite Music: Contemporary classical

In My iPod: N/A.

Hobbies: I have a contemporary classical radio program once a week on local NPR station KZYX.


Teaching Info: All styles of violin/fiddle  (707) 884-4827


Mark Neyshloss

Mark Neyshloss, First Violin

Birth Place: Leningrad Russia

Grew Up: In Leningrad

Started Playing: I was 7 and started on violin

Education: Went to Leningrad Conservatory and Manhattan School of Music in New York.

Began With SRS: 1991

Non-SRS Groups: Most of Bay Area orchestras. I was a member of Sacramento symphony.

Favorite Music: Good music.


Teaching Info: Teach privately.

Eugenia (Genie) Wie

Eugenia (Genie) Wie, First Violin

Birth Place: Chicago, IL

Grew Up: Schaumburg, IL (NW suburb of Chicago)

Started Playing: Four years old. Violin and piano.

Education: Rice University (Bachelors), The New School--Mannes College of Music (Masters)

Began With SRS: 2010

Non-SRS Groups: I'm also a member of Monterey Symphony, and I substitute quite a bit with Symphony Silicon Valley. I also am a member of two chamber groups: Divisa Ensemble and Quartet Rouge.

Favorite Music: Classical. Of course ;) mainly late-romantic. I love listening to chamber music, and solo cello or piano

In My iPod: I have a wide range of genres, but I'm currently a little obsessed with Beck, Berlin Phil., Johnny Cash, Dawes, and Astor Piazzolla.

Hobbies: I practice yoga daily. I also hike, paddle-board, and ski. If I'm at home, baking, cooking, watching movies or reading.

Teaching Info: Contact through symphony


Darren Sagawa

Darren Sagawa, First Violin

Emanuela Nikiforova

Emanuela Nikiforova, First Violin

Birth Place: Varna, Bulgaria

Grew Up: In Varna and Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria

Started Playing: I started playing violin at age 4 and a half, and it was suggested by the piano teacher my parents brought me to!

Education: Music Middle and High schools in Varna and Sofia, respectively, International Menuhin Music Academy-3 year practical training, LSU Baton Rouge for an undergraduate performance degree, and San Francisco Conservatory of Music for a MM in Violin Performance as well.

Began With SRS: 2007

Non-SRS Groups: Oh yes. I am a regular member of Marin, Berkeley, Oakland East Bay and the Silicon Valley Symphonies, occasionally play with Merced and Napa symphonies, Principal player for the San Francisco Choral Society as well. Artistic director and leader for Antika Slavic Strings.

Favorite Music: Classical, Jazz

In My iPod: I prefer listening to the radio!


Teaching Info: I teach privately in Alameda and Oakland, as well as The Renaissance International School

Tamara Voyles

Tamara Voyles, First Violin

Thomas Yee

Thomas Yee, First Violin

Grew Up: Santa Barbara, CA

Started Playing: At age 9

Education: Bachelor's and Master's of Music, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Began With SRS: 2005

Non-SRS Groups: Santa Barbara, Marin, Napa, Modesto, and Monterey symphonies

Favorite Music: Classical (yes, I make a living playing it also)

Hobbies: Traveling, basketball, hiking, biking


Teaching Info:


Barbara Schaefer

Barbara Schaefer, First Violin

Natasha Makhijani

Natasha Makhijani , First Violin

Birth Place: Maryland

Grew Up: Maryland

Started Playing: Age 7

Education: BM San Francisco Conservatory of Music; MM Eastman School of Music

Began With SRS: 2013

Non-SRS Groups: Chamber Music Society of San Francisco, Oakland Symphony, Sacramento Philharmonic, Magik*Magik Orchestra

Favorite Music: Brahms, Beethoven, Mendelssohn (Felix and Fanny)

Hobbies: Cooking, hiking, reading

Teaching Info: Faculty at Crowden Music Center, San Francisco Conservatory of Music Pre-College division, Private studio in SF


Aromi Park

Aromi Park, First Violin

Education: San Francisco Academy Orchestra, the University of Memphis, the New England Conservatory and Ewha Womans University

Began With SRS: 2015

Non-SRS Groups: Former musician of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra and the Memphis Symphony Orchestra.

Second Violin

Karen Shinozaki Sor, Principal, Henry Trione Memorial Chair

Karen Shinozaki Sor, Second Violin , Principal, Henry Trione Memorial Chair

Birth Place: Oakland, CA.

Grew Up: San Rafael, CA.

Started Playing: 8 years old. I wanted to play the violin like my brother.

Education: B.A. U.C. Berkeley
Konservatoriun für Musik Bern

Began With SRS: 1995

Non-SRS Groups: New Century Chamber Orchestra
Marin Symphony

In My iPod: Podcasts. I'm currently in love with "Mystery Show" and can't wait for the next season.

Hobbies: NY Times puzzles and Sudoku.

Michelle Maruyama, Assistant Principal

Michelle Maruyama, Second Violin , Assistant Principal

Birth Place: Washington, D.C.

Grew Up: Rockville, MD, till age 9, Monterey, CA from 9 onwards.

Started Playing: At age 4

Education: B.M. SFCM Violin Performance, 2000; M.M. Chamber Music Performance, SFCM 2002

Began With SRS: December 2002, with a beautiful performance of Brahms's German Requiem

Non-SRS Groups: Contracted to Symphony Silicon Valley, Marin Symphony, California Symphony

Teaching Info: I have led sectionals for Santa Rosa, San Jose, Golden Gate Philharmonic Youth Symphonies as well as at School of the Arts in SF and Cazadero Performing Arts Camp; enjoy private teaching as well

Edmond Fong

Edmond Fong, Second Violin

Birth Place: San Francisco

Grew Up: San Francisco

Started Playing: Piano and violin at age 7

Education: Bachelor of Music from San Francisco State University.

Began With SRS: 1978

Non-SRS Groups: Napa Valley Symphony, Symphony Napa Valley. As substitute player:  Fremont Symphony, Berkeley Symphony, Marin Symphony,  Stockton Symphony, California Symphony, Ukiah Symphony, Monterey Bay Symphony.

Favorite Music: Classical, Chinese classical music.

In My iPod: Classical, The Beatles.

Hobbies: Build and repair computers, photography. Aside from being a musician, I also worked as a Systems Administrator for Social Security Administration, retired in 2012.


Teaching Info: Teach privately

Jeanette Isenberg

Jeanette Isenberg, Second Violin

Zinovy Zelichenok

Zinovy Zelichenok, Second Violin

Birth Place: Leningrad, Russia

Grew Up: Leningrad, Russia

Started Playing: 7 years old

Education: Music Conservatory of Leningrad

Began With SRS: 1997

Non-SRS Groups: Sacramento Philharmonic

Favorite Music: Classical

Calvin E. Lewis, Jr.

Calvin E. Lewis, Jr. , Second Violin

Laurie Moore

Laurie Moore, Second Violin

Birth Place: Los Angeles

Grew Up: Altadena, CA

Started Playing: 10 years old on violin

Education: Not enough...

Began With SRS: 1977

Non-SRS Groups: Just freelance wedding gigs

Favorite Music: Kirtan

In My iPod: Trance, Kirtan, jazz, mariachi!

Hobbies: Off road bicycling, off-grid living,tantra


Teaching Info: I don't teach. In my day job I am a violin repair person.


Claudia Fichera

Claudia Fichera, Second Violin

William R. Williams

William R. Williams, Second Violin

Claire-Jeanne Martin

Claire-Jeanne Martin, Second Violin

Stephanie Bibbo

Stephanie Bibbo , Second Violin


Elizabeth Prior, Principal, Dr. Gary Soren Smith and Barbara Faye Smith Chair

Elizabeth Prior, Viola , Principal, Dr. Gary Soren Smith and Barbara Faye Smith Chair

Birth Place: Durban , South Africa

Grew Up: Bloemfontein, South Africa

Started Playing: I started playing the violin when I was 5 in Madison Wisconsin.

Education: I have a Bachelor of Music Degree from the ‘University of the Free State’ in South Africa and a Masters in Performance from the ‘Musik Hochschule Freiburg, Germany

Began With SRS: Fall of 2011

Non-SRS Groups: Yes. San Francisco Ballet, San Francisco Opera, New Century Chamber Orchestra,Marin symphony,Sun Valley Summer Symphony, Farallon Quintet.

Favorite Music: Wagners Ring Cycle,Arthur Rubinstein Chopin Nocturnes

In My iPod: One Republic, Maxim Vengerov,Sting,Christina Perri.

Hobbies: Running, hiking, crocheting, photography, traveling to far away places.


Teaching Info:

Meg Titchener, Assistant Principal, Robert B. Leard PhD Chair

Meg Titchener, Viola , Assistant Principal, Robert B. Leard PhD Chair

Meg Eldridge

Meg Eldridge, Viola

Birth Place: San Rafael, CA

Grew Up: San Rafael, CA

Started Playing: When I was 9.

Education: University of Michigan School of Music; San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Began With SRS: In 1989

Non-SRS Groups: Marin Symphony, Carmel Bach Festival, Baroque groups.

Favorite Music: Everything

In My iPod: Everything for every mood. Elizabeth Wallfisch on Baroque violin; old time music (Bruce Molsky); jazz; hip hop

Hobbies: Running, tennis, backpacking, sailing, playing old time country fiddle.


Teaching Info: I teach violin and viola to all ages

Alexander Volonts

Alexander Volonts, Viola

Darcy Rindt

Darcy Rindt, Viola

Birth Place: Ridgecrest, CA

Grew Up: Ridgecrest, CA

Started Playing: 4th grade, school program

Education: BA in Music and BS in Marine Biology from UC Santa Cruz (1996), Master's in Viola Performance from San Francisco State University (1998)

Began With SRS: September 2001

Non-SRS Groups: Oakland East Bay Symphony, Marin Symphony, Berkeley Symphony, California Symphony, San Francisco Chamber Orchestra, Symphony Silicon Valley, San Francisco Ballet Orchestra, Hidden Valley String Quartet, SF Contemporary Players, Empyrean Ensemble, Jazz Mafia, Magik Magik Orchestra, Festival Opera, Urban Village Ensemble, Shotgun Wedding Hip Hop Symphony

Favorite Music: Impossible to answer - it's all great!

In My iPod: Peter Gabriel, The Police, Radiohead, U2, Tin Hat Trio, Turtle Island String Quartet, Dave Matthews Band, Sting, Genesis, Fioana Apple, Bjork, Beck, Alasdair Frasier, St. Vincent, Jeff Buckley, Portishead, Kurt Elling, MeShell Ndegeocello, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Derek Trucks Band, Brooklyn Rider

Hobbies: Hiking, biking, flying, music, photography, reptiles and other cool critters


Teaching Info: MUSE through Oakland East Bay Symphony

Tiantian Lan

Tiantian Lan , Viola

Birth Place: Beijing, China

Grew Up: Beijing, China

Started Playing: 4 Years old, on Violin

Education: Central Conservatory of Music in China for Bachelor Degree. San Francisco Conservatory of Music for Master Degree.

Began With SRS: 2013

Non-SRS Groups: Berkeley Symphony, Principal viola
Oakland East Bay Symphony, Principal viola
Reno Philharmonic, Associate Principal viola
Reno Chamber Orchestra, Associate Principal viola

Favorite Music: All Baroque & Romantic music, Swing jazz music.

In My iPod: Swing jazz, Bach fugue & Brahms symphonies

Hobbies: Basketball, watch movies, reading music


Teaching Info: All levels of viola & violin


Adelle-Akiko Kearns, Principal, Evert B. Person Memorial Chair

Adelle-Akiko Kearns, Cello , Principal, Evert B. Person Memorial Chair

Birth Place: San Francisco, CA

Grew Up: SF; I also lived in NYC while attending graduate school and spent 2 years each (as an adult) in New Orleans, LA and Tokyo, Japan.

Started Playing: I started on violin at the age of 2 but didn't enjoy it and quit. Started the cello at the age of 11.

Education: Degrees from SFCM and the Juilliard School.

Began With SRS: 2011

Non-SRS Groups: I'm assistant principal of Symphony Silicon Valley, Ballet San Jose, Monterey Symphony, Stockton Symphony and the Music of the Mountains Festival Orchestra. I'm also a member of the Marin Symphony and occasionally sub in other local ensembles.

Favorite Music: Bruckner, Mahler, Strauss (Richard)

In My iPod: All the Bruckner and Mahler symphonies... Whatever pieces I'm currently working on... Some various pop/rock and country albums... Honestly though, I spend more time listening to audiobooks than I do to music!

Hobbies: Watching and rooting for the SF Giants! Hiking and enjoying the outdoors. Going to concerts, seeing plays. Hanging out with friends after rehearsals and concerts.


Teaching Info: I teach privately in the San Jose area.

Robin Bonnell, Assistant Principal

Robin Bonnell, Cello , Assistant Principal

Began With SRS: 1999

Non-SRS Groups: New Century Chamber Orchestra, Sacramento Philharmonic, Monterey Symphony, Reno Philharmonic and Marin Symphony

Wanda Warkentin

Wanda Warkentin, Cello

Corinne Antipa

Corinne Antipa, Cello

Birth Place: San Francisco, CA.

Grew Up: Santa Rosa, CA.

Started Playing: 10 years old

Education: B.A., M.A. Mills College, Dance

Began With SRS: First played in 1970. Officially became an orchestra member in 1978.

Non-SRS Groups: Various chamber groups.

Favorite Music: Whatever suits my mood; medievil vocal, blues, Brahms and always Bach.

Hobbies: Horses are my life-long passion, hiking and traveling. Who needs hobbies when you have music?


Teaching Info: Private cello studio. 38 years Santa Rosa Junior College teaching dance history, ballet and modern dance. Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement teacher.

Kelley Maulbetsch

Kelley Maulbetsch, Cello

Vanessa Ruotolo

Vanessa Ruotolo, Cello

Rebecca Roudman

Rebecca Roudman, Cello

Birth Place: California

Grew Up: San Rafael

Started Playing: I started on the piano at 6½ and started the cello at 7.

Education: B.M. from Cal State University, East Bay

Began With SRS: 2001

Non-SRS Groups: Oakland East-Bay Symphony, International touring band – Dirty Cello, Deltron 3030, Kev Choice Ensemble, Zion I, Amplive

Favorite Music: Blues, Bluegrass and Hip hop.

In My iPod: B.B. King

Hobbies: Leading my own band, Dirty Cello, and traveling.


Teaching Info: I direct the Novato Youth String Ensemble, an after-school program for students grades 6 – 8 in Novato.


Elizabeth Vandervennet

Elizabeth Vandervennet, Cello

Birth Place: Livonia Michigan

Grew Up: Westland, Michigan

Started Playing: At 10 years old, in 4th grade in Public School System

Education: BMA- University of Michigan, MFA from Carnegie Mellon University

Began With SRS: 1999

Non-SRS Groups: Oakland East Bay Symphony, Modesto Symphony, Vallejo Symphony Orchestra…….. and various chamber music projects

Favorite Music: Beethoven, Rosin Coven, Silver Sun Pick Ups, Shostakovich, Mahler, Ethel Merman, John Adams, Kurt Weill, Bach, Strauss, Elgar, Danny Elfman, St. Vincent, Lady Gaga, Queen, Phoenix, Debussy, to name just a few.

In My iPod: All of the above and much, much more.

Hobbies: Hiking, camping, backpacking, gardening, mosaic, skiing, Brazilian dancing


Teaching Info: Vandervennet Studios - private lessons and chamber music taught from my home studio in Oakland’s Maxwell Park neighborhood.


Dieter Wulfhorst

Dieter Wulfhorst, Cello

Birth Place: Germany

Grew Up: In Kassel, Germany; known as the place where the Grimm Brothers collected fairy tales, and its long musical traditions (incl. Gustav Mahler and Louis Spohr who both conducted the local opera orchestra).

Started Playing: When I was age eight; my best friend’s father was a professional cellist, and I loved the sound of the cello when I visited his home and I really wanted to play the cello..


Hanover, Germany; and University of Maryland (David Soyer, Guarneri Quartet, Evelyn Elsing): MM and DMA

Began With SRS:


Non-SRS Groups:

I have my own chamber music concert series in the Central Valley (Musica Viva) and also play with the professional orchestras of Fresno, Bakersfield (principal), Stockton, Monterey, Modesto, and the Sequoia Symphony.

Favorite Music:

Mozart, Schubert, Bach, Haydn, and whatever is on the music stand right now; I also like a lot of non-classical music.

In My iPod: I haven’t entered the electronic age yet and don’t have an iPod.


Cats, watching wildlife in my backyard in the Sierra Nevada mountains, hiking, reading


Teaching Info:

I used to teach at numerous universities in CO, PA, MS, and CA. I am teaching cello and chamber music every summer in Germany


Andy Butler, Acting Principal

Andy Butler, Contrabass , Acting Principal

Andrew McCorkle

Andrew McCorkle, Contrabass

Birth Place: Harbor City, CA

Grew Up: Garden Grove, CA and Newport Beach, CA

Started Playing: Cello in the 5th grade and then switched to bass.

Education: Bachelor of Music at California State University at Long Beach

Began With SRS: 1991

Non-SRS Groups: Marin Symphony, Principal Bass Vallejo Symphony

Favorite Music: Jazz, Classical

In My iPod: What ever I’m working on at the time.

Hobbies: Golf, hiking and gardening


Teaching Info: N/A

Website: None

Karen Zimmerman

Karen Zimmerman, Contrabass

Birth Place: North Hollywood , CA

Grew Up: Panorama City, CA

Started Playing: When I was 11 years old. Bass was my first instrument.

Education: Bachelor and Master degrees from the Juilliard School

Began With SRS: 1991

Non-SRS Groups: Sometimes play with Napa and the smaller orchestras in the North

Favorite Music: Beethoven, Dvorak, Copland

In My iPod: Don’t have one yet

Hobbies: Gardening, camping, restoring vintage trailers


Teaching Info: I teach beginners to semi-professionals of all ages and have a teaching studio on my property. My studio phone number is 707/569-9169.

Raymond Vargas

Raymond Vargas, Contrabass

Jon Keigwin

Jon Keigwin, Contrabass

Education: Curtis Institute of Music

Began With SRS: 2015

Non-SRS Groups: Jon is a musician of the Berkeley Symphony and the Sun Valley Summer Symphony.


Kathleen Lane Reynolds, Principal, Alice Coleman Chair

Kathleen Lane Reynolds, Flute , Principal, Alice Coleman Chair

Birth Place: Santa Rosa, CA

Grew Up: Santa Rosa, CA

Started Playing: Age 7 – piano. Age 9 - flute.

Education: B.A. in Music, MM in Music (Flute Performance) Manhattan School of Music

Began With SRS: 1984 – Principal Flute

Non-SRS Groups: SSU Faculty Concerts, Cinnabar Opera Orchestra, Mendocino Music Festival, Philharmonia Healdsburg, Numina Chamber Ensemble, Windpower Woodwind Quintet, Trio Bella Nova (flute, cello, piano), Substitute in orchestras & ensembles in the Bay Area

Favorite Music: Oldies, Baroque, Classical, Contemporary, Folk, Rock & Roll, Bluegrass, others too

Hobbies: Snow skiing, hiking, swimming, knitting, gardening, dogs


Teaching Info: Flute Instructor – SSU. Private Instruction.

Stacey Pelinka

Stacey Pelinka, Flute

Birth Place: Sunnyvale, CA

Grew Up: Sunnyvale, CA

Started Playing: 4th grade, public school

Education: BA from Cornell University, M.M. from San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Began With SRS: 1998

Non-SRS Groups: Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, Eco Ensemble, SF Chamber Orchestra, Opéra Parallèle, Berkeley Symphony, SF Opera Center, Midsummer Mozart Festival

Favorite Music: Bach B minor and E minor flute sonatas, Debussy Sonate for flute, viola, and harp, Mozart Marriage of Figaro, Stravinsky Rite of Spring

In My iPod: All of the above, folk music, Latin music, Berio Folk Songs performed by Cathy Berberian, L'Arpeggiata 



Hiking, camping, Feldenkrais Method (actually not a hobby but another vocation)



Teaching Info: I teach in the Berkeley area


Carmen Lemoine

Carmen Lemoine , Flute


Laura Reynolds, Principal, Jane and Nelson Weller Chair

Laura Reynolds, Oboe , Principal, Jane and Nelson Weller Chair

Birth Place: Oneida, NY

Grew Up: New York State (Oneida (central), Sound Beach & Bohemia (both on Long Island) and Salamanca (Southern tier south of Buffalo).

Started Playing: I started piano lessons in 2nd grade, recorder in 3rd grade and oboe in 4th grade.

Education: BM from the University of Michigan and MM from the San Francisco Conservatory

Began With SRS: 1991

Non-SRS Groups: I am a member of California Symphony, Marin Symphony and Trois Bois, a wind trio. I also perform with a variety of other orchestras in the Bay Area.

Favorite Music: Classical? Mahler, hands down, but not the only favorite… I have too many favorites in too many genres to list!

In My iPod: Mostly non-classical artists…

Hobbies: Hiking and birdwatching


Teaching Info: In addition to my home studio, I am on the applied music faculty at Sonoma State and the San Francisco Conservatory Pre – College and Extension Divisions

Jesse Barrett, English Horn

Jesse Barrett, Oboe , English Horn

Education: Boston University and the University of the Pacific

Began With SRS: 2015

Non-SRS Groups: Jesse is a musician of the Merced Symphony, the Reno Chamber Orchestra and Symphony Napa Valley.

Bennie Cottone

Bennie Cottone, Oboe

Birth Place: San Mateo, CA

Grew Up: San Francisco, CA

Started Playing: Back when SF public schools all had a music teacher, my best friends’ parents were the teachers. Bob Martens started me on the clarinet in the fifth grade. When I arrived at Lowell High in 1969 I learned that the orchestra would be going to Japan the next year. They needed another oboe, not another clarinet. So I took an oboe home, got a teacher, and left the clarinet forever.

Education: Lowell High & SF State. And some big-name teachers. But REALLY, making millions of mistakes in life and somehow recovering and continuing to better myself, THAT’s the education.

Began With SRS: I began with the SRSO around 1980. Huh? Yes. I began one concert before the move to Luther Burbank (WFC). I remained as English Horn/second oboe for about 10 years. When I won the Principal Oboe position in the Monterey Symphony, scheduling difficulties led me to resign from the SRSO. To actually audition my way back in thirty years after I first played here is unheard-of and brings me immense pride.

Non-SRS Groups: Principal Oboe, Monterey Symphony; Principal Oboe , Santa Cruz Symphony, English Horn, The Berkeley Symphony---member since 1978; first-call English Horn sub, The SF Ballet Orchestra, sub work with; SF Symphony, Silicon Valley Symphony & Ballet, California Symphony, Oakland East Bay Symphony, Reno, Fresno, Sacramento and on and on. Tons of ballet and pit work---SF, SJ/Cleveland, Mark Morris, Stuttgart Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, the Shorenstein Theaters, ABT, Joffrey , and others.

Favorite Music: I never answer “favorite” questions. What do you think this is?, a dating site?

In My iPod: I’m just not one of those people who walks around plugged in all the time.

Hobbies: Oboe players, when working, have little time for annoying little things like pleasurable activities. I do love to eat, and from that to prepare meals. THAT is a little pleasure which not even the oboe can deprive me of. I do live with a dachshund. Those of you also doing so will know exactly what I mean.

Email: Koko the Dachshund;

Teaching Info: I prefer to leave teaching to those who truly have the talent and love for it. I’m still trying to figure it all out.


Roy M. Zajac, Principal

Roy M. Zajac, Clarinet , Principal

Birth Place: Berwyn, IL

Grew Up: Morrison, IL

Started Playing: 5th Grade

Education: Interlochen Arts Academy, High School, University of Michigan Bachelors in Music Ed., University of Minnesota, Masters in Clarinet performance.

Began With SRS: 1999

Favorite Music: Mozart, Bartok, Barber, Bernstein, Puccini, Tchaikovsky, Hindemith, Schubert, Gershwin

In My iPod: Mozart: Piano Concerto in A major, Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra, Barber:  Knoxville Summer 1915, Bernstein: Candide, Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphosis, Schubert: Apeggione Sonata.

Hobbies: I am also a ceramicist.  My wheel is in my garage and I fire in Berkeley


Teaching Info: I teach at Sonoma State and out of my home.

Mark Wardlaw

Mark Wardlaw, Clarinet

Birth Place: Sacramento

Grew Up: I didn’t. (Sacramento)

Started Playing: Age 5. Accordion.

Education: B.Mus. CSU, Sacramento. M.Mus, University of Washington. Private study with clarinetist David Glazer in NYC, 1978-79.

Began With SRS: 1984

Non-SRS Groups: Many. Jazz Bands, Transcendence Theater Co., Sax Quartets, Clarinet Quartets, Woodwind Quintets

Favorite Music: Jazz

In My iPod:  Everything from the Beatles to the Police to Tangos to R&B to Salsa to Classical to Jazz

Hobbies: Traveling (I’ve been to 24 foreign countries and all 50 states), writing and sports.


Teaching Info: 26 years at Santa Rosa High School; also teach at SRJC.

Mark Shannon

Mark Shannon, Clarinet


Carla Wilson, Principal

Carla Wilson, Bassoon , Principal

Birth Place: Martinez, CA

Grew Up: Concord, CA

Started Playing: Age 5, piano, Age 9, tenor sax, Age 13, bassoon

Education: San Francisco State University, Studies in London privately and at Guidhall School of Music, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Bachelors of Music

Began With SRS: 2000

Non-SRS Groups: Berkeley Symphony, Marin Symphony, California Symphony

In My iPod: Mozart Requiem, Britten’s Albert Herring, Tchaikovsky 4th and 5th Symphonies, Cherl Wheeler, Kitka, Bonnie Rait, John Mayer, Loraine Hunt Lieberson

Hobbies: Hiking, reading, travel


Teaching Info: Private teaching in home

Karla Ekholm

Karla Ekholm , Bassoon

Birth Place: I was born in Baytown, TX, where I lived until moving to San Francisco at the age of 15.

Grew Up: Baytown, TX and San Francisco

Started Playing: I started playing piano at age 7 and switched to bassoon at age 11.

Education: B.M. San Francisco Conservatory of Music, M.M. Temple University

Began With SRS: Became a member of SRS in 1996.

Non-SRS Groups: I am also a member of Marin Symphony, San Francisco Chamber Orchestra, Pacific Chamber Symphony, San Francisco Opera Center, Vallejo Symphony and on faculty at Eastern Music Festival where I play in the Eastern Philharmonic Orchestra in the summer.

Favorite Music: I love opera.

In My iPod: My iPod has much opera, plus Ella Fitzgerald, Piazzola, and lots of podcasts and audiobooks.

Hobbies: My hobbies include singing opera, water coloring and doting on my nieces.


Teaching Info: I enjoy teaching all ages from my home ($60/hr); lessons at the student's home can be negotiated.

Shawn Jones, Contrabasson

Shawn Jones, Bassoon , Contrabasson


Meredith Brown, Principal

Meredith Brown, Horn , Principal

Alex Camphouse

Alex Camphouse, Horn

Susanne Chasalow

Susanne Chasalow, Horn

Birth Place: Washington, DC

Grew Up: Whippamy,NJ

Started Playing: Age 10

Education: Bachelor in Music,Oberlin Conservatory
Masters in Music, Cincinnati  Conservatory

Began With SRS: 1997

Non-SRS Groups: Formerly with the Boston Brass, Bay Area Women's Philharmonic, Western Opera Theatre Freelance with other local groups

Favorite Music: Mahler,Stravinsky, Britten, Jazz, Middle Eastern music

Hobbies: Yoga, belly dance,hiking,swimming,nutrition and health,spending time with my 13 year old twins


Teaching Info: I teach private lessons in Vallejo and at Walnut Creek Civic Arts

Henry Viets

Henry Viets, Horn

Birth Place: Long Beach

Grew Up: Soquel (by Santa Cruz)

Started Playing: In the 5th grade

Education: Bachelor of Music SF State, Master of Arts Hayward State & teaching credential SF State.  Studied with Lori Westin, Bob Ward, David Sprung, Jonathon Ring

Began With SRS: 1986

Non-SRS Groups: Full time music teacher in Berkeley Unified.  Performed with SF Ballet, Sacramento Symphony, Chanticleer, Festival Opera, Skywalker Symphony, Festival Del Sole, etc.

Favorite Music: Brahms

In My iPod: Beatles, Led Zepplin, ACDC, The Who, Strauss, Brahms, plus comedians Robin Williams, Fluffy, John Mulaney, etc


Teaching Info: I have a limited number of private students in Berkeley

Caitlyn Smith Franklin

Caitlyn Smith Franklin, Horn

Birth Place: Hinsdale, IL

Grew Up: Plainfield, IL

Started Playing: I started my musical career on violin at the age of 3 with the Suzuki method. I then also picked up horn in 5th grade in order to be able to play in the school band since my school district didn’t have an orchestra program. It became evident I enjoyed playing horn much, much more (and was better at it!) so I dropped the violin my junior year of high school to focus solely on horn.

Education: Bachelor of Music in Horn Performance from The University of Miami, Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the University of Miami, Master of Music in Horn Performance from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Professional Studies Diploma from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Began With SRS: May 2013

Non-SRS Groups: Yes: Monterey Symphony, Stockton Symphony, and Fort Collins Symphony (CO)

Favorite Music: Beethoven is hands down my favorite composer, I also love Mahler, Bruckner, Bach…

In My iPod: Sinatra, Pink Martini, Ben Sollee – a really great cellist/singer-songwriter

Hobbies: Hiking with my husband on the rare day off, cooking/baking, playing with my 6-month old kitten


Teaching Info: I teach a few students privately in the immediate San Francisco area and am happy to travel to the student’s home for convenience.


Scott Macomber, Acting Principal

Scott Macomber, Trumpet , Acting Principal

Birth Place: Evanston, IL

Grew Up: Winnetka, IL (a small suburb north of Chicago)

Started Playing: Suzuki Cello at age 6.

Education: Bachelor of Music from Northwestern University, Master of Music from San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Began With SRS: 1999 (I think)

Non-SRS Groups: San Francisco Symphony, Opera and Ballet Orchestras as a sub/extra. I’m also a member of the California Symphony, Sacramento Philharmonic, Arizona MusicFest Orchestra, Music in the Mountains Festival Orchestra and Mendocino Music Festival Orchestra.

Favorite Music: Depends on the day. Right now it’s Harry Connick Jr. with Big Band.

In My iPod: Bach Solo Partitas and Sonatas played by Hilary Hahn, The Black Eyed Peas, Soundtrack to Begin Again, The Black Keys, Clark Terry and Harry Connick Jr.

Hobbies: Cooking, running, reading and playing with my kids.


Teaching Info: Instructor of Trumpet at UC Davis and CSU East Bay.

Kale Cumings, Assistant Principal

Kale Cumings, Trumpet , Assistant Principal

Birth Place: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grew Up: Sparta, Michigan

Started Playing: I started playing piano when I was in the 6th grade

Education: Bachelor Degree from Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. Masters Degree from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois

Began With SRS: 1999

Non-SRS Groups: Yes, I’ve performed with all the local orchestras from Fresno to Santa Rosa. I’ve also played several Broadway shows in San Francisco and other places.

Favorite Music: I’ve always had a hard time with this question. When it comes to music, “favorite” doesn’t really make sense. I find that my taste in music is as variable as the moment. I will often listen to something over and over again for several days, then maybe not listen to it again for years.

In My iPod: Here is the music on my iPhone right now: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour; Audra McDonald; Beethoven; Billy Joel; Chet Baker; Chicago; Brucker; Eminem; Janis Joplin; The Lonely Island; Kenny Rogers; and more.

Hobbies: I really enjoy reading, studying, and traveling. I’m often taking a class online or listening to lectures. Traveling and learning about different cultures and languages is fascinating.


Teaching Info: Contact me.


Bruce Chrisp, Principal

Bruce Chrisp, Trombone , Principal

Amy Bowers

Amy Bowers, Trombone

Birth Place: Anaheim, CA

Grew Up: Yorba Linda, CA

Started Playing: Trombone in 9th grade

Education: University of Southern California, Bachelors and Masters in Trombone Performance

Began With SRS: 2003

Favorite Music: Brahms Requiem and Symphonie Fantastique

In My iPod: Patty Griffin

Hobbies: Meditation


Teaching Info: University of Southern California Trombone Professor and Chamber Music Coach

Bowers has won many solo competitions including the Pasadena Solo Competition, Sigma Alpha Iota Solo Competition, USC Concerto Competition, YMF Debut Concerto Competition and the Pasadena Young Artist Solo Competition. She has also been a featured soloist with the Colburn Zipper Orchestra, and was the recipient of the Robert Marsteller Outstanding Brass Player award from the Thornton School. Bowers has performed with many orchestras including San Diego Symphony, Pacific Symphony, Los Angeles Master Chorale, Opera Pacific, Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra and New World Symphony, among many others.

Kurt Patzner, Bass trombone

Kurt Patzner, Trombone , Bass trombone


Scott Choate, Principal

Scott Choate, Tuba , Principal


Andrew Lewis, Principal

Andrew Lewis, Timpani , Principal

Birth Place: Baltimore MD

Grew Up: SF Bay area

Started Playing: Started Trombone in 5th grade, started RocknRoll drumset in college, soon moved on to percussion.

Education: Went to UC Santa Cruz, SF conservatory, then Juilliard and Mannes, presently studying for my second Masters, this time in conducting, at SFSU.

Began With SRS: 1995 or so - Jeffrey Kahane's 2nd year.

Non-SRS Groups: Many

Favorite Music: Too numerous to put here...

In My iPod: None. I don't go there.

Hobbies: Hmm, don't really have any, my energy goes all into music...


Teaching Info: Call me



Allen Biggs, Principal

Allen Biggs, Percussion , Principal

Birth Place: San Francisco, CA.

Grew Up: Pamplona, Spain and Poznan, Poland

Started Playing: Age 3

Education: San Francisco public schools, San Francisco State University, MA from San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Began With SRS: 1986

Non-SRS Groups: California Symphony, Oakland Symphony, Broadway shows

Favorite Music: New Orleans funk

In My iPod: Gobialdulina

Hobbies: Travel, Triathlons


Teaching Info: I direct the percussion ensemble at San Francisco State, and only coach a few private students

Susan Jette

Susan Jette , Percussion

Birth Place: Methuen, MA

Grew Up: Atkinson, NH

Started Playing: Piano, at age 7

Education: Bachelor degree in Music Therapy, Michigan State University. I'm also a certified drum circle facilitator, and yoga teacher.

Began With SRS: 1988

Favorite Music: A wide variety.

In My iPod: I'm a full time music therapist, as well as a yoga teacher, so I have a huge variety of styles and genres.

Hobbies: Yoga, gardening, art cars, and water polo


Teaching Info: I am a full-time, board certified music therapist. Ask me about that!

Stan Muncy

Stan Muncy, Percussion

Birth Place: Technically Menlo Park but never lived there

Grew Up: Modesto and Atwater, CA

Started Playing: 4 years old on piano, then learned classical guitar, electric bass, alto saxophone, tuba, and eventually percussion

Education: Professional Studies Certificate at The Colburn School, MM at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, BA at California State University, East Bay (formerly Hayward)

Began With SRS: 2011

Non-SRS Groups: Freelance with San Francisco Symphony and many other regional orchestras.

Favorite Music: Stravinsky, Reich, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Chick Corea, Bela Fleck

In My iPod: All of the above

Hobbies: Backpacking in the wilderness.


Teaching Info: On faculty at CSU, Stanislaus, also teaching at middle schools and high schools, and have a private studio in San Leandro



Dan Levitan, Principal

Dan Levitan, Harp , Principal

Birth Place: Philadelphia

Grew Up: Philadelphia

Started Playing: In school at age 15, (when Washington crossed the Delaware River during the Revolutionary War).

Education: Bachelor of Music Performance and Music Education, College of Music, Temple University, Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Began With SRS: April 30, 2010

Non-SRS Groups: San Francisco Opera, first call harpist. Contracted Principal Harpist with Marin Symphony, Symphony Silicon Valley (San Jose), and Ballet San Jose.

Favorite Music: Romantic

In My iPod: Need to buy an i-something.

Hobbies: Walking on the beach.


Teaching Info: On Faculty at Sonoma State University, UC Berkeley, Private lessons at my home/studio in Fremont or for interested private students in Santa Rosa/Rohnert Park and Berkeley.



Kymry Esainko, Principal, Marilyn P. Schlangen Memorial Chair

Kymry Esainko, Piano/Celesta , Principal, Marilyn P. Schlangen Memorial Chair

Birth Place: San Francisco, CA

Grew Up: Sacramento, CA

Started Playing: I started piano at age 7. I’ve never taken up any other instruments in earnest, but I did play timpani and percussion in high school band, and I can play a few chords on guitar and a melody or two on the recorder. To quote would-be jazz-flautist Will Ferrell: “I dabble.”

Education: Private piano lessons with Dr. Frank Wasko, professor of piano at CSU Sacramento.Double degree at Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music; Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance, Bachelor of Arts in History

Began With SRS: I joined the orchestra in 2002.

Non-SRS Groups: I do a lot of vocal and choral accompanying, notably with Pacific Edge Voices in Berkeley.  I’m also a freelance jazz pianist and play with various big bands and salsa groups.

Favorite Music: Hard to pin that down, but jazz (and other forms of improvised music) is a rich vein to mine.

In My iPod: Stephen Malkmus, Freddie Hubbard, Tame Impala, Pere Ubu, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock.

Hobbies: The 4 B’s: Bicycling, baseball, basketball,and beer.  Recently I started roasting my own coffee as well.


Supporting Roles

David Hanes, Artist Liaison

David Hanes, Artist Liaisons , Artist Liaison

Karen Zimmerman, Orchestra Librarian

Karen Zimmerman, Orchestra Librarian , Orchestra Librarian

Birth Place: North Hollywood , CA

Grew Up: Panorama City, CA

Started Playing: When I was 11 years old. Bass was my first instrument.

Education: Bachelor and Master degrees from the Juilliard School

Began With SRS: 1991

Non-SRS Groups: Sometimes play with Napa and the smaller orchestras in the North

Favorite Music: Beethoven, Dvorak, Copland

In My iPod: Don’t have one yet

Hobbies: Gardening, camping, restoring vintage trailers


Teaching Info: I teach beginners to semi-professionals of all ages and have a teaching studio on my property. My studio phone number is 707/569-9169.

Krieg Wunderlich, Sound Engineer

Krieg Wunderlich, Sound Engineer , Sound Engineer

Mark Lemaire, Recording Engineer

Mark Lemaire, Recording Engineer , Recording Engineer

Roy Payment, Artist Liaison

Roy Payment, Artist Liaisons , Artist Liaison

Michelle Sikora, Artist Liaison

Michelle Sikora, Artist Liaisons , Artist Liaison

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