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Elementary Listening Program

The Elementary School Listening Program delivers a CD and script kit for daily classical music listening to be implemented in the classroom. Musical selections are about five minutes in length. Santa Rosa Symphony will provide as many copies of the scripts and CDs as needed to ensure that all students have access. 

Some schools play the music over the PA system while others provide teachers the ability to incorporate it into their daily activities. Teachers with the most success implementing this program have found that the music is effective for managing transitions in the classroom, helping students to relax, focus and move on to deeper study. 

A teacher from Forestville School wrote about the listening program: "We have listened faithfully to the weekly selections in our classroom. We've even voted on our favorite piece of the month. Sometimes I'll play the pieces on the piano, if I know them. It has given me permission to add bits and pieces about composer biographies and musical terminology in a fun and low-key manner. I know my students have been greatly enriched and appreciate music in a new way."

Cost: $350 for five years

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