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The Santa Rosa Symphony Preparatory Orchestra provides a solid foundation for younger students to learn to play within a full orchestra under the direction of a professional conductor. Students learn to follow the lead of a conductor, understand music notation, style, and gain experience performing before live audiences. To qualify, students must have played their instrument for a minimum of two years. Some prior ensemble training or experience in a performing group is also desirable. Preparatory students typically may be as old as 15 years. It is strongly recommended that all members be studying their instrument with a private teacher and practice their instrument regularly.

In 1977, the Preparatory Orchestra was formed under the direction of Jack Murphy. It is currently led by Tristan Arnold. Since Mr. Murphy's retirement, the conductors of the Preparatory Orchestra have all been alumni of the Santa Rosa Symphony's training program, bringing a unique knowledge of the program to their work as educators of these young musicians.

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