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Windsor student musicians to embark on European tour

by Heather Bailey, The Windsor Times, May 23, 2018

Five Windsor school students who play with the Santa Rosa Symphony Youth Orchestra (SRSYO) will go on tour with the orchestra in June. The tour will include performances in Salzburg, Germany, Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary.

Violist Sammie Moore, violinists Mina Burns and Pippin Forrest and concert bass players FJ Freenor and Isaac Forrest will perform with SRSYO in these three European cities known for great music and classical roots.

Students leave June 19 and return June 28. They will be in Salzburg for three days, performing in the Grosse Saal of the Mozarteum, in Vienna for three days, performing with the local youth orchestra in Rabenstein and attending a workshop with Christoph Koncz of the Vienna Philharmonic and in Budapest for two days performing in the Ceremonial Hall of Budapest.

Moore is a WHS graduating senior and has been an important member of the WHS String Orchestra. She plays both violin and viola. With WHS, she played the violin and served as principal violinist (also called concertmistress). With the SRSYO, she plays viola.

Burns will be a junior next year and plays in the first violin section of the WHS Strings Orchestra. Burns studies with Sonoma County Philharmonic concertmistress Pam Otsuka.

Pippin Forrest will be an eighth grader at WMS next year where she will continue playing first violin. She studies privately with Bay Area musician Ivy Zenobi. Freenor will be a sophomore and Isaac Forrest will be a senior next year at WHS. Both played bass at WMS with strings teacher Steven Hoffman. Freenor continues to study privately with Hoffman and Isaac studies with Santa Rosa Symphony bassist Karen Zimmerman.

“This European concert tour is a trip of a lifetime for me,” said Moore. “What a terrific graduation gift.”

Brother and sister Isaac and Pippin said it will be extra special to go on tour together. “I am incredibly excited to share this amazing experience with my little sister and as well as with my extended orchestral family,” said Isaac.

The 70 SRSYO students, from all over Sonoma County, ranging in age from 10 to 23, will have the opportunity to experience Vienna, the birthplace of western classical music; Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart; and Budapest, formerly two cities, Buda and Pest, located on the Danube River.

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