b'gram . He was not interested in a literal depictionStill hallucinating, the boy dreams his funeral is of events, but rather the transformation of hisa witches Sabbath, and his beloved joins in the emotional response to those events into music . diabolical festivities . Berlioz insisted that his music could not beOr, as Leonard Bernstein so eloquently put it, in understood or appreciated without its accompa- one of his Young Peoples Concerts, Berlioz tells it nying program, which he provided to audienceslike it is You take a trip, you wind up screaming at the first performances of the work . Its fiveat your own funeral . movements,inroughestoutline,proceedas follows: Part I: DreamsPassions: Boy meets girl . Part II: A Ball: Boy obsesses about the 2022 Elizabeth Schwartzgirl . Part III: A Scene in the Country: While stroll- Elizabeth Schwartz is a writer and music historian based in the ing about the countryside listening to shepherdsPortland area. She has been a program annotator for more than songs, the boy convinces himself girl doesnt20 years, and works with music festivals and ensembles around the country. Schwartz has also contributed to NPRs Performance return his love . Part IV: March to the Scaffold:Today, (now heard on American Public Media).In despair, the boy takes a less-than-fatal dose of opium, enough to induce horrible visions andNOTE: These program notes are for Santa Rosa Symphony patrons hallucinations, including a death march to theand other interested readers. Any other use is forbidden without specific permission from the author, who may be contacted at guillotine . Part V: Dream of a Witches Sabbath:classicalmusicprogramnotes.com 20222023Season 19'