b'League Board ofJulia Wilkinson, League PresidentDirectors 2022-2023Julia WilkinsonPresident I am pleased to say that the Santa Rosa Symphony Marilyn Chiotti League is once again hosting live fundraisers for our President Elect members and friends . We call our events parties with Elizabeth Kern each being a unique opportunity to enjoy the best music, Recording Secretarywine and venues that Sonoma County has to offer . In Laurie HallMay we had a sell-out afternoon of music at Dry Creek Treasurer Vineyards featuring the Russian River Ramblers . We Jackie Reinhardt thank Dave Stare for his generosity in providing the venue VP Membershipand the wine as well as performing . July saw a group, Development painting flower potsa small but fun fundraising party . In September we hosted Lisa Haugea music event with Face2Face . We thank Roy Zajac and the four other talented VP Membershipmusicians for providing the music in a lovely garden setting .CommunicationElizabeth Kern / JackieWe welcome new members . There are so many ways you can participate . Reinhardt Planning parties, providing refreshments for our symphony musicians during VP Public Relationsrehearsals, serving on our board and sharing your ideas and talents . If you Kay Oppenheimer / Lizor your friends love music as much as we do and may be interested in mem-Bippart bership, please contact Jackie Reinhardt, Membership Vice President at VP On-going Fundraisingjaclyn94901@gmail .com .Mary Daily LangeVP Music EducationBest wishes,Beth Holden / Lin Varrow Julia WilkinsonVP Support Services PresidentJoanne Enemark Corresponding SecretarySheila McQuillen DuesBarbara Olsen / Marilyn ChiottiHospitalityEmily Roeder Baton EditorLiz Shatto We Believe in theMailingsIrene SohmPower of MusicFriends of the League Wendy LaLanneParliamentarian Join us. Help us change the Elizabeth Kern S lives of young people.Web Mistress LS A N T A R O S AMeetings:ymphonyfirst Thursdays eague20222023Season 53'