b'20222023 SEASONRobert Worth, Music DirectorTravels with Sebastian Bach the CosmopolitanAgave BaroqueOctober 29The Old Bach Archive Anchored in the Past Circa 1600, Barefoot Viols, The Whole NoyseNovember 18 & 19Christmas with Bach Four Cantatas Tell the Tale Sonoma Bach Choir, Live Oak Baroque Orchestra December 17 & 18The Little Organ Book A Chorale Compendium Anne Laver (organ), Sonoma Bach ChoirJanuary 21Bach at the Keyboard Strike, Pluck and Blow Raising the spiritsMarilyn Thompson (piano), Rodney Gehrke (organ),Katherine Heater (harpsichord)February 18of all who enter. Bachappella Bachs Playlist Green Mountain ConsortMarch 11 & 12Arnstadt and Mhlhausen Where Bach Was Hot Circa 1600, Live Oak Baroque OrchestraMay 12 & 13Bach Through the Years At the Height of His Powers Sonoma Bach Choir, Live Oak Baroque OrchestraJune 3 & 4Order tickets & season passes online or by phone:212 Second Stwww.sonomabach.orgpetalumacoffee.com(707) 347-949120222023Season 55'