b'Alan Silow, President & CEOCorinne Byrd, Chairman of the Board The Santa Rosa SymphonyOnbehalfoftheBoard looks forward to a seasonof Directors of the Santa withexceptionalpro- RosaSymphony,Iwel-grammingcuratedbycomeyoutoour95th our creative and enthu- Symphony season! Thank siasticMusicDirector,you for joining us as we Francesco Lecce-Chong .celebrate yet another sea-The Symphony continuesson of glorious, uplifting to expand its reach andclassicalmusic .Making chart new territory . Fourandsharingbeautiful SRS world premiere concerts reached across Baymusic is indeed a joyful journey . It takes months Area TV airways this past summer . In the Fall, weof planning, countless hours of work, plus a caring released a CD featuring four of the 2020-2021 vir- community to make possible the quality of music tual concerts, each of which celebrates works byand programming we enjoy under the direction acclaimed, award-winning composer Ellen Taaffeof our brilliant Maestro, Francesco Lecce-Chong . Zwilich, our artistic partner that year . What an exciting season we have ahead! The December concert, "Beethoven\'s Ninth,"The Santa Rosa Symphony is widely recognized also marks the welcome return of our longstand- as one of the areas premier cultural institutions, ing choral tradition, which exists, in part, to arenowned for artistic distinction, as well as for our generous gift from the late Donald and Maureenworld-class music and magnificent venue . Were Green, for which the Green Music Center is named .also acclaimed for our outstanding Institute for Returning is beloved SRS Conductor LaureateMusic Education . Through the Institutes trans-Bruno Ferrandis, bringing a delightful Frenchformational programs, we nurture bright futures program, and captivating pianists Christina andfor 30,000 children and young people annually in Michelle Naughton, performing the world premiereour community . of a Two Piano Concerto by Zwilich .It takes a village to fulfill such a vital mission . I When the musicians take the stage, we celebratewant to applaud our scores of contributors: loyal the inspiration and expansion of thought and emo- and generous sponsors, donors, patrons and tion that can only come with experiencing the richvolunteers; our devoted Board and Emeriti; our variety in our world through music, new and old .ever-capable President & CEO Alan Silow; all the This season, we include the California premiere ofhard-working staff; and of course, our amazing Anglica Negrn\'s first symphony and a ViolinMusic Director, Francesco, and the gifted, dedi-Concerto by Wynton Marsalis alongside the famil- cated musicians whose melodies make our spirits iar comfort of masterworks by Beethoven, Berlioz,soar . Thank you all for your wonderful support! You Tchaikovsky, J and R Strauss, Debussy and Maxhave my heartfelt appreciation for helping create Steiner\'s Symphonic Suite from Gone with the Wind . such rich, cherished musical gifts .I conclude by paying tribute to our devotedAnd now, I invite you to continue with us on audience . Your loyalty, the dedication of boardthis journey, as we look forward to sharing the members, staff, and volunteers, along with theupcoming inspiring season of thrilling concert artistry of our music director and musiciansperformancesandlookaheadtoexploring allows for great things to happen . Many of younew boundaries . Together, as the Santa Rosa have supported us on this road from vision toSymphony family, we can make a profound dif-reality to become one of the leading regionalference in the lives of so many .symphony orchestras in America, and for that, I am immensely grateful . With gratitude,Corinne Byrd, Yours in music,Chairman of the BoardAlan Silow, President & CEO20222023Season 9'