The loyalty and support of Santa Rosa Symphony subscribers like yourself mean so much to us. We invite you to share your love of the Symphony with your music-loving friends, neighbors and family while allowing us to offer them an exclusive 50% discount on a new 7-concert subscription to the 2024-2025 Classical Series. Patron Services will mail a packet to your friend within 3-business days. Deadline for this offer is September 16, 2024.

For each of your friends who takes advantage of this 50% offer, YOU earn a chance to win a FREE subscription renewal to the 2025-2026 season!

If you have multiple names to submit, please refresh the page to enter a new name. You can also email their contact information to Veronica Brevik, Patron Services Associate at

The time you take now has a fabulous ripple effect as your friends respond, renew and invite their friends. Thank you so much for making a difference!


Refer your friend to the Symphony and they will receive an offer to subscribe at 50% Off!

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