In-School Performances

In-School Performances consist of 35- to 45-minute assemblies available to schools as part of the It’s Elementary program and also to other schools on an “a la carte” basis for a fee to cover costs. These informative and entertaining mini-concerts are designed to introduce the orchestra’s various instrument families and feature professional musicians from the Santa Rosa Symphony.

Choose from performances by a String Quintet, Woodwind Quintet, Brass Quintet and Percussion Trio.

For more information on In-School Performances, contact Education & Outreach Manager, Laura Leipzig at (707) 546-7097 x225 or


“This was one of the most engaging and professional assemblies I’ve ever experienced. I hope we can have more for our schools!”
     – School Music Teacher and VAPA Facilitator

“The music was wonderful, of course, and it was great that the kids would recognize a few of the pieces. The musicians had great pacing- talked just enough to give information but not so long as to lose the kids’ attention. Well done!”
     – Teacher 2023