It’s Elementary

The Santa Rosa Symphony Institute for Music Education, with innovation and imagination, continues to seek ways to engage young people with the healing power of music and music making. More than ever before, the Institute is dedicated to its mission to provide quality music education throughout Sonoma County, a mission that is vital to the health and well-being of our community.

It’s Elementary continues to provide a two-year-long suite of music education opportunities and services to six deserving Sonoma County elementary schools, reaching over 2,600 students. A highlight of the program is visits to the schools from small ensembles of the Santa Rosa Symphony.

The It’s Elementary music immersion program is designed to support the partner schools in their efforts to integrate music into their curricula as encouraged by the CA state Common Core practices.

Each school year, three new schools are selected to participate for two years free of charge. A total of six schools participate annually; three It’s Elementary schools are in their first year and three are in their second year of the program. The designated campuses participate in on-site music education activities provided by the Santa Rosa Symphony.

Every student in participating schools will receive a free season pass admitting the student, with an adult, to all six Discovery rehearsals for the current season. Discovery rehearsals are at 2:00 pm on the Saturday of the Classical concert weekend. Dress is casual and no one under age seven is allowed. Discovery rehearsals are at Weill Hall at the Green Music Center. The Youth Discovery Card can also be used at all of the Youth Orchestra performances at Weill Hall.


Our experience with the Santa Rosa Symphony’s “It’s Elementary!” program has been remarkable. Our students had consistent and varied access to a genre of music that they most-likely have not had access to before! Opportunities to explore the musical arts is a gift that was given to our students. They learned to listen to music selections, learn about composers and history, and experience live music. These opportunities have opened doors for our students in the areas of art appreciation, social-emotional learning, audience decorum, and more. I would recommend this program to any and all educators!”  – Margaret Jacobson, Principal, Taylor Mountain Elementary School

It’s Elementary sub-programs and activities include the following:

We gratefully acknowledge the generous contribution from the following:

Rotary Club of Santa Rosa East West

California Arts Council: A state agency